Finallllly done!

I have been absent for like a decade now, I know, but it is all for a good reason; or maybe not. I have been studying like crazy for my final examinations, not to mention the sleepless nights! It is insane the amount of time that each course demanded, I barely ate (well, this is not true, nothing keeps me away from food).

The good news is finals are over, I am back, and I am on my way to Brazil right now! The flight from Lebanon to Brazil is so long: three hours from Beirut to Qatar, followed by a 14 hours flight to São Paulo. Sounds exhausting right? Well my friend, this is what sleeping pills are for.. my travel buddies!


I wish you all a good break, enjoy it as much as you can and let’s recharge our own battery to do it all again in two weeks (: I wanna hear what you guys are doing this semester break ok .


Newest must-go in Beirut: Cavalli Caffè

Guys, today I have the most exciting news! If you are not living in Beirut you will have to wait a bit more to enjoy this exclusive happening, but if you are here we go:

Roberto Cavalli just opened his Cavalli Caffè in Beirut, a fashionable and stylish must-go restaurant. The sophisticated Caffè is located in Downtown, minutes away from Beirut souks, and its elegant menu offers the most refined ittalian gourmet, from breakfast to dinner.

The inside of the Caffè meets expectations: it is decorated with the most unique material and that special touch we know it is Roberto’s! With its printed zebra and giraffe details, imported gourmet chocolate, and unique delights of Italian cuisine, the ambient is meant to provide pleasure and relaxation for its clients.

The opening of the restaurant was two days ago, on the 4th; Haifa Wehbe and Nancy Ajram were among the exclusive guests of the night event. The Cavalli Caffè has flagships in Beirut, Delhi, and Kuwait, and its next launching spot is Miami.




Excited to pay it a visit? Tell me about it! I am feeling extremely lucky to have such an exclusive location here in our beloved Beirut! Here is the address:

Cavalli Caffè Beirut
Address: Beirut Central District, 24 Park Avenue, Karagulla Building
Tel. 01/ 999 334 and 03/006311
Opening Hours: 09:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Photo Source: RobertoCavalliBlog, Haifa Wehbe’s Twitter


Top 8 Styles That Most Trended in 2012

Goodbye 2012, welcome 2013! And what better way to say goodbye than sharing our best moments of the year, right?

I think we have nothing to complain about, and yet a lot to be thankful for: the year brought forth some spectacular retro trends, but still surprising us at every turn. I decided to share today the top 8 styles that most trended in 2012 (:

Retro Style
Beautiful is never old. This year, retro style was everywhere. Singers Rihanna and Katy Perry were currently putting this look on. We had Kim Kardashian wearing a cropped design: A high waisted skirt with a cropped top. Just be careful when choosing the top, you have to know your body type and pick the right one!


Who thought fashion would get so comfy? This year, sneakers with embedded heels were a huge hit! This trend spread so fast and I became a #1 fan in no time (: These sneakers are a girl’s best friend to go to college, shopping.. for those places where you have a lot of walking to do, but want to do it with style (and the extra heels we girls love so much).


Printed Pants
How to express the veneration for this trend? I do not have enough words! Printed pants give so much joy and style for the production. You put one on and this is it; whatever you wear with it goes perfectly well! A simple white shirt and flats, for example, will be enough to leave you styling and ready to go! Printed pants can be worn to go to work, college, lunch with your friends.. and if you wanna make this look work for a classier ambient just bet on a neutral color pair of high heels and some jewelry, voila!


Sheer Skirts
Well, well, sheer skirts: per-fec-tion. This trend came to stay! Believe me, it is enough said that this skirt will make you move heads while you walk. It is pure class, style, feminism, and grace. While many people think that long skirts only dress well with heels, this is not true. The sheer skirt is an easy-going piece; it depends on what you want it to do for you! If you are going for a walk on the beach or an early brunch, just throw some flats and a chain bag: nothing will beat this look.


I mentioned in my last article how a flashing colored necklace can change your outfit completely; well, this trend ruled 2012! We did not have to worry about the necklace being too big, on the contrary, it would only make it better.


My favorite of all times: lace. Lace dress, lace shirt, lace head-band, lace everything! This fabulous material is complete class and charm.. and designer Elie Saab showed us his passion for the fabric as well, designing almost every dress in his Pronovia Bridal Collection in a lace style.


These amazing envelope bags trended this year like never before. A key wardrobe piece, a clutch can be worn with any look, be it casual or a little more chic. Check my previous article on clutches for some inspirations here.


Spikes and Studs
Last but not least, spikes and studs. When is too much of something a little too much? You decide! This year, this trend was everywhere. I cannot name one collection where I didn’t see at least some spikes on the pocket of a jacket, not to mention the shoe fever! This style is gorgeous and I love it.. If your outfit is a little more simple you can bet on a pair of presence shoes, but if the production is already very much alive, you may wanna wear something a bit more discrete.



So, which one was your favorite 2012 trend?
happy new year (: beijo!

The Most Enjoyable Hunt Of All

Girls, today I want to share not only a tip, but also a part of the Brazilian culture in me. With 2013 opening its doors everyone is going hunting, the most enjoyable hunt of all: the perfect outfit.

Wether spending it on the beach, on a hotel ballroom, or even having a casual dinner in one of Beirut’s countless restaurants, everyone wants to look stunning for the last night of the year. For the Brazilian people, dressing in white on New Year’s Eve brings luck and peace for the upcoming year.

Now, the “all white” may have been a 2011 trend, but this color is far from getting old fashion; a white look has a heart-warming impression and sets presence. It can be combined with any accessories, from simple black to elegant gold.. but go for this tip: bet on flashing colored accessories. A turquoise bracelet or an emerald ring – these colors will give your production just the missing touch!

Here are some inspirations:




So what do you think? Are you going for the white look this New Year’s Eve?


Clutches, oh my!

Girls, today I am gonna share with you what I think most trended this season: clutches. They are simply amazing – can be worn with any look, be it casual or a little more chic. The bag has always been, for me, what most matters in the outfit.. and the clutch bag kinda gives life for the look, turning it into something else (: Here are some inspirations:


1. Miu Miu
2. Matthew Williamson
3. The Row
4. Lanvin


1. Nancy Gonzalez
2. Michael Kors
3. Matthew Williamson
4. Jimmy Choo

I can already think of a million productions for these clutches. And did you notice that they are all in blue and green? These two colors are so in, specially dark and navy blue! I am completely in love with the Lanvin’s cobalt and turquoise ❤ but this one in particular, for being elaphe style, looks better with something a bit more serious and classy than a day-a-day look.
What do you think? Which one is your favorite clutch bag?


Cookies Earphones

Guys, from all the gifts I have ever gotten, this is by far the cutest!

I was yesterday at ABC Achrafieh with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while (she doesn’t live in Beirut), and we went into Accessorize. They had the cutest earphones displayed, I was completely in love ❤. I left the store while she paid because it was crowded and she came to me with a gift wrap: happy late-birthday!


The mall decoration is stunning, its a must-see.. if you haven’t already, here is a shot :) beijos!


It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

So there I was procrastinating (my finals are in two weeks, but seriously? Holidays should be fun), and I ran into my brother’s laptop. He’s been trying to make me watch this sitcom for forever now, but I always tell him that I don’t have time. But what better than ANY excuse to push your studies some minutes away; I hit play. Stupid, stupid, stupid me!! Why did I do that? It’s completely addictive, and in two days I watched three seasons already. You guys should give it a try :) beijos!


Ratings: 8.9/10 from 65,445 users 

Four young friends with big egos and slightly arrogant attitudes are the proprietors of an Irish bar in Philadelphia.


Rob McElhenney


Charlie Day Charlie Kelly / … (95 episodes, 2005-2012)
Glenn Howerton Dennis Reynolds / … (95 episodes, 2005-2012)
Rob McElhenney Mac / … (95 episodes, 2005-2012)
Kaitlin Olson Dee Reynolds / … (94 episodes, 2005-2012)
Danny DeVito Frank Reynolds (87 episodes, 2006-2012)
Source: IMDb